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GEORG JENSEN Gold Ring with Peridot # 1567B


Moonrise Ring with Peridot # 1567B

18 Carat Yellow Gold

Designed by David Chu for Georg Jensen

Design year: 2014

The ring is new and in perfect condition

No longer in production


GJ item number: 3571707, 3571709

GEORG JENSEN Sterling Silver Ring # 473


Sphere Ring with Amethyst # 473

Designed by Regitze Overgaard for Georg Jensen

The ring is used, but in excellent condition

No longer in production

The stone has small inclusions

Picture 8-9 shows the inclusions!

GJ item number: 3559107

Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Neckring / Pendant


Neckring # 410 with Dew Drop Pendant with Rock Crystal # 311C

Designed by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe for Georg Jensen


Design year: 1955

The pendant has a perfect stone

The neckring and pendant is new and in perfect condition

GJ item number: 3536002 / 3532681