Frantz Hingelberg Bog Oak Wood Box with Silver Shapes

Frantz Hingelberg Bog Oak Wood Box with Silver Shapes

$ 239,00

Vintage Bog Oak Box with Inlaid Silver

Designed / produced by Frantz Hingelberg

Thousands of years ago Denmark was covered with woods,
and when the increasing population was clearing away places for habitations,
it happened that oak-stems turned over into the water and sank to the bottom.
Through many centuries the wood has been influenced by moisture, mud and earth.
A process which at the same time stained the oak-wood and
increased the strength of it.
This durable dark material- styled BOG-OAK.


Handmade in Denmark

Motif: Silver Shapes

The box can be used for cigars, jewellery, cufflinks, business cards etc.

Produced in Denmark in 1960s

Excellent Danish Handcraft with extreme finish

The box is in used condition

Out of stock


Length: 12,5 cm / 4.9″
Width: 24 cm / 9.4″
Height: 3,8 cm / 1.5″

Size: Large

Retains its patina by frequent rubbing with a soft cloth

Frantz Hingelberg

Delivered safely wrapped

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Bog Oak, Silver


Frantz Hingelberg

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