JAIS NIELSEN “EPICS IN CLAY” Book, Danish version!

JAIS NIELSEN “EPICS IN CLAY” Book, Danish version!

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Epos i ler / Epics in Clay / Jais Nielsen (1885-1961)

Authors: Christina Rauh Oxbøll & Pia Wirnfeldt

This book contains contributions by:
Dorthe Aagesen, Carsten Bach-Nielsen, Peter Brandes, Susanne Bruhn, Henrik Jais-Nielsen og Christina Rauh Oxbøll

Also included a register of models created 1920-1961 at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory

Jais Nielsen (1885-1961) was celebrated as one of Denmark’s greatest ceramic artists at the beginning of the 20th century.
The interest in his sublime ceramics still lives on today. Jais Nielsen’s art was rooted in the Avantgarde of Modernism and was strongly inspired by Antiquity and the Middle Ages as well as the dramatic stories of the Bible. Here a kaleidoscopic light is shed on his ceramic oeuvre.

Brand New 2018

Danish version!!

Published: CLAY Keramikmuseum Danmark, Museum of ceramic art Denmark

ISBN: 978-87-91135-48-4

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Heigth: 30,8 cm / 12.1″
Width: 24,7 cm / 9.7″
Thickness: 2,5 cm / 1″
Weight: 1567 g

208 pages

Many pictures of rare items

1. Edition, Illustrated

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